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Scallops in Fennel Cream Sauce

SLICE one onion and one fennel bulb and saute in olive oil until translucent and soft

ADD a splash of white port or wine

SIMMER for 2-3 minutes, ADD 4 TBS creme fraiche and 1large TBS of non-fat sour cream, STIR to incorporate and set aside

In a very hot skillet with 2-3 TBS olive oil SAUTE 1 LB of large Sea Scallops (before you turn scallops over make sure they have a crisp crust - it's important to keep the pan very hot)

HEAT fennel , onion and cream mixture and ADD sauteed scallops and 2 TBS brandy (take the pan off the burner to add the brandy) , RETURN to the burner, STIR and serve over pasta