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Roasted garlic-stuffed eggplant is an easy but elegant dish that combines the basic flavors of Provence and is great with lamb. I've always thought the deep rich auburgine color and the luscious form of the eggplant is a great reason to keep their integrity and serve them, whenever possible, whole.
Roasted Garlic Eggplant

MAKE small slits in the skin of small Italian eggplant

( one small eggplant=one serving or you can also use this technique with a large eggplant )

INSERT slivered cloves of garlic into the slits

PLACE in an earthenware baking dish. ADD dried or fresh thyme

DRIZZLE with olive oil, SEASON with salt and pepper

BAKE at 325 degrees F. until skin is dark and crisp and the inside is tender when pricked with a fork

(ca.45 minutes depending on size of eggplant)

GARNISH with sprigs of fresh rosemary