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Roast Leg of Lamb—"Gigot"

This aromatic crust envelopes the lamb and seals in its juices with the flavors of Provence. It is great served with ratatouille or roasted peppers and safffron rice .

MAKE deep cuts in a leg of lamb with the point of a sharp knife and insert cloves of garlic with tip of knife
RUB leg of lamb with Dijon mustard and a mixture of coarse ground pepper and coarsely chopped fresh rosemary
ROAST until you consider it done to your taste
REMOVE lamb from roasting pan
REDUCE drippings with 2 cups red wine and small handful of fresh thyme
ADD 2 tbs. ketchup,salt, pepper
SERVE as sauce for lamb

•TIP Try this unusual and fragrant garnish for lamb or pork
WASH and dry sprigs of fresh sage
HEAT 1/2 inch olive oil in cast iron pan
SAUTE sprigs of sage until crisp
BLOT on paper towels