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This is a family favorite from Zurich. Aside from the grating of the cheese, this is a hearty, savoury winter meal made in minutes.

GRATE 1/3 of a pound of cheese for each person— use three kinds of cheese:
emmenthaler, gruyere, and appenzeller

RUB clove of garlic around inside of fondue dish

MEASURE out 3 oz.of white wine per person

HEAT in fondue dish until small bubbles appear
don't let it boil

ADD cheese and keep stirring!

MIX one teaspoon of cornstarch per person
in a small glass of Kirsch

STIR into cheese mixture -don't let it boil and keep stirring!

when creamy and thick

ADD freshly ground pepper and nutmeg

PLACE on fondue burner

and SERVE immediately
with chunks of crusty french bread ( try to cut the bread so there is crust on at least one side)