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Simply Delicious Cod

This is a no-fuss method of preserving the delicate flavor of cod while it cooks in a savory sauce of cherry or grape tomatoes, shallots, and a splash of marsala wine.

For one pound of cod —

SAUTE in a large cast iron or nonstick pan- 2 large shallots in 3-4 TBS olive oil until soft

ADD 1-1 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes that have been cut in half

LAY fish filets on top of above mixture and season with salt & pepper

ADD a splash (1/4+ cup) marsala (or white wine)

COOK for 5 minutes over medium heat then lower heat and cover until fish is cooked (when you can stick the fish with a fork and there is no resistance.)

REMOVE fish to a platter & SPOON sauce over fish ( you can add a knob of butter to tighten the sauce ) *Garnished with fresh thyme or oregano, this dish is great cooked in a pan that you can bring directly to the table.