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Crisp and Spicy Bay Scallops

Combine these tasty morsels with spicy brown rice, black turtle beans , crunchy fried okra, and serve with a Tangy Red Pepper and Tomatillo Sauce and you have a meal with great texture and full of flavor.

Dredge bay scallops (1/3# per person) in flour seasoned with red pepper, black pepper, salt, ancho chili pepper, shake off excess

Dip in beaten egg mixture

Coat in cornmeal seasoned with red, black, and ancho chilipepper and salt –shake off excess

Have ready two hot frying pans ( cast iron is best) with 1/4-1/2 inch hot canola oil

Fry scallops until brown and crisp on one side and turn over until done

Tumble scallops over a mixture of black beans and rice that has been kicked up with hot pepper sauce (Garlic Chile Pepper Sauce is great for this) and okra that has been trimmed, sauteed with yellow mustard seed and black pepper until crisp.

Top with diced fresh red pepper and serve with a tangy Red Pepper and Tomatillo Sauce